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The American Concrete Pavement Association is represented at a state and regional level by 20 affiliated Chapters and State Paving Associations, commonly referred to as ACPA "Chapter/States."

This federation of local organizations, combined with ACPA National, provides a strong network of technical support, promotion, and advocacy at both the national and local levels. To contact individuals Chapters and State paving associations, please click on the links below.

Contact ACPA Chapter/States by State or Province

Alabama Arkansas Colorado Delaware Georgia Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi
Missouri Montana New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Utah
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Canada (all provinces)

Logos and Links to ACPA Chapter/States

Click on the logos below to see wiki pages of ACPA-affiliated Chapter/States. Pages include contact information, websites (where applicable), and other information.
ACPA ColoradoWyoming logo.pngILsmall.pngINsmall.pngICPA-LOGO-sm.pngKYsmall.pngLAsmall.pngMidAsmall.pngMOKSsmall.pngACPA Logo-New Mexico-RGB-small.jpgNYsmall.pngNDsmall.pngNWsmall.pngOHsmall.pngOKsmall.pngPAsmall.pngSDsmall.pngSEsmall.pngUtahChapter-Logo-RGB-transparent-bkgd-webversion.pngWIsmall.pngCACsmall.png

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