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Pavement design software

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ACPA offers a variety of concrete pavement and concrete overlay thickness design software, including:

Other commercially available concrete pavement and overlay thickness design methods and software include the 1993 AASHTO Guide (JPCP; JRCP; CRCP; JPCP, JRCP, and CRCP Overlays), AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design (Formerly DARWinMETM and MEPDG) (JPCP; CRCP; JPCP and CRCP Overlays), and PCA’s RCCPave (RCC) and Hydrological Design Software (pervious concrete pavement). The Federal Aviation Administration has FAARFIELD for concrete airfield design and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has PCASE for their structural design applications related to airfields and roadways. Several state agencies also have customized design methods or software for the various types of concrete pavements.