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The first concrete road was built in 1893 in Bellefontaine, OH and it is still in service today. Since that pioneering project, concrete pavements have been refined into five primary types:

The primary item that distinguishes between JPCP, JRCP, and CRCP is the jointing system used to control crack development. Pervious concrete pavement and RCC use different materials and construction methods than the three more-traditional concrete pavement types, but they behave as an undowelled JPCP pavement. An additional difference is that pervious concrete pavement offers stormwater management benefits. Each of these five types of concrete pavement can also be constructed as a concrete overlay.

JPCP is the most common concrete pavement type specified by state highway agencies in the U.S. and Canada. Pavement design software can be used to design pavement alternatives for streets, roads, highways, airfields and industrial applications.