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Outstanding Educator Award

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This award was preented from 1995 to 2008.

  • 2008—Dr. Kenneth C. Hover, Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering at Cornell University
  • 2003—Dr. W. Ronald Hudson, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2002—Dr. Ernest J. Barenberg, P.E., Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 2000—Dr. B. Frank McCullough, P.E., University of Texas at Austin
  • 1999—David A. Kuemmel, P.E., Marquette University
  • 1998—Dr. Mark B. Snyder, P.E., University of Minnesota
  • 1996—Dr. Michael I. Darter, P.E., University of Illinois
  • 1995—Dr. James K. Cable, P.E., University of Iowa