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Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award

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  • Awarded selectively since 1998.
  • Presented to an individual or group who has made significant contributions through promotion efforts or programs to advance the awareness, specification, and/or placement of concrete pavements.
  • Eligibility – must be an employee of an ACPA member, ACPA national, or a local chapter/state association affiliated with ACPA.
  • Nominations may be made by any member.
  • Selected by vote of Strategic Advisory Committee.

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Ron Youngman accepting the 2012 Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award.
Bob Long accepting the 2011 Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award.

  • 2017—Task Force for the Preservation of Historic Concrete Pavement Artifacts for chronicling concrete pavement projects and preserving historic artifacts, notably the original concrete pavements dating back to 1891 and 1893 in Bellefontaine, OH.
  • 2016—Patrick (Pat) Long, Director of Marketing and Government Affairs for the Indiana Chapter-ACPA. This award recognizes Long’s unique expertise in the promotion of concrete pavements. The award cited his experiences in regulatory and legislative issues, economic development policy, and public finance have benefited the industry in Indiana and throughout ACPA’s Chapter/State paving association network.
  • 2015—Larry Engbrecht, Executive Director, South Dakota Chapter-ACPA, for his professional approach and honorable, straightforward nature as Executive Director of the South Dakota Chapter-ACPA. These qualities have built a trustful environment where the South Dakota DOT and industry partner together to find mutually beneficial solutions using concrete pavements. This has led to a stable market for concrete paving and the introduction of concrete overlays as a tool in the DOT’s toolbox.
  • 2014—James Mack, P.E., Director Market Development-Commercial Strategy, CEMEX, Houston, Texas, for championing life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA), which plays an important role in improving the pavement investment decision-making process. The award also recognizes him as an outspoken advocate for the benefits of LCCA; for his outreach and education efforts in the proper application of LCCA as a pavement selection/validation tool; and for his experience and expertise in a range of concrete promotion efforts.
  • 2013—Kevin McMullen, P.E., President of the Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association (WCPA)—In recognition of his professional approach, leadership, and unwavering efforts in developing and maintaining one of the strongest and most consistent concrete pavement programs of any state in the United States.
  • 2012—Ron Youngman, P.E., Colorado/Wyoming Chapter – ACPA, for his steadfast promotion of concrete pavements, applying innovation and sound engineering principles to address challenges and * opportunities alike.
  • 2011—Robert Long, ACPA-Mid-Atlantic Chapter for dedicated and persistent promotion of concrete pavements in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, and in particular for fostering a fair pavement selection policy in West Virginia, which has created new paving opportunities for ACPA members.
  • 2010—Randell Riley, P.E., Illinois Chapter, Inc. – ACPA, for tireless, successful promotion of concrete pavement solutions on lower volume country roads, city streets, and bus pads in the State of Illinois, including thin concrete overlays.
  • 2008—Todd LaTorella, P.E., Missouri/Kansas Chapter, Inc.—ACPA
  • 2007—Gerry Krozel, Prairie Material Sales Inc.
  • 2006—Bob Lopez, Cement Council of Texas
  • 2006—John Cunningham, Iowa Concrete Paving Association
  • 2005—Allan Childers, P.E., ACPA-Southeast Chapter
  • 2005—Ken Liescheidt, P.E., Missouri/Kansas Chapter
  • 2004—Dan DeGraaf, P.E., West Michigan, Michigan Concrete Paving Association
  • 2004—Lori Tiefenthaler, Southeast Cement Association
  • 2003—Gregory A. Dean, Southeast Chapter—ACPA
  • 2002—William R. Larson, CEMEX, Ontario, CA
  • 2001—Lee B. Godfrey, Jr., Signal Mountain Cement Company
  • 2000—M.C. Ollar, P.E., Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter—ACPA
  • 1999—Ray Siepp, Signal Mountain Cement Company


*Prior to 1999 the award was called Industry Promoter of the Year; Starting in 2000 the award was split to recognize a project (Outstanding Promotional Project of the Year) and individual (Local Promoter of the Year).

** Award names were changed in 2004 from Local Promoter of the Year to Outstanding Promoter; Also, Outstanding Promotional Project of the Year was changed to Outstanding Promotional Project.

***In 2010 the award was consolidated and renamed Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award and recognizes individuals or projects.