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Current Pages

  • Review of existing pages that need revisions is up to "lists of specifications."
  • JRCP
  • JPCP
  • FDR
  • "concrete pavement deterioration mechanisms - environmentally related." Use this as a main page to link all environmental deterioration mechanisms to and provide a brief overview of them.
  • "concrete pavement deterioration mechanisms - load related." Similar to idea behind above page.
  • Durability Cracking (D-Cracking): description needs further work.
  • Dynamic Loading: description does not fit for pavements.
  • End-Result Specification was ended mid-sentence; will fix this.
  • Fiber-Reinforced Concrete is only a one-sentence description; this topic deserves much more!
  • Geosynthetics is a broad topic but is gaining a lot of traction for use in pavements - deserves more than a few sentence definition.
  • Internal Curing add some figures to describe process of cement hydration, depletion of water, and pulling of water from LWA. Reference LWA as a common application.

Completed Pages

Future Pages

  • Curling - currently there is a page that has just a definition but a curling page that describes the effects of day/night temperature swings, humidity, moisture, and effective built-in curling would be extremely useful.
    • Are there any other pages that address curling? I know that could just be the definition page but it might have a fuller page somewhere else. It is a topic that should be more fleshed out, but no point in developing from scratch if it's already somewhere.
  • Concrete Fracture - this topic needs to gain more popularity and understanding within the area of concrete pavements.
    • I agree, but the industry does not. I think this has to be put on the back-burner for now due to priorities.

Pages for Eric to decide if they need work

  • Airfield Joints is a really long page, do you want me to break it up into more manageable chunks with one main page that links them all together?
    • This one absolutely needs to be broken down.
  • Constructing Smooth Concrete Pavements is also a really long page. Break it up?
    • Less critical because it's covered in multiple areas, but yeah it should probably be broken up.
  • Diamond Grinding and Concrete Pavement Restoration is really long. Should I break this up and incorporate full and partial depth repair into one of the sub-pages for this topic?
    • Same as smooth pavements.

Pages that need further work and/or are currently "under construction"

Eric, do you have any documents for these pages that you would like me to use? These pages are either incomplete or not organized well.